2022 4th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Control, Measurement and Signal Processing (IEEE-ICMSP 2022)
Prof./Secretary-General Chenyang Xue

Prof./Secretary-General Chenyang Xue


Chenyang Xue, Professor/Secretary-General

North University of China

Professional Committee of Instrument Science and Measurement and Control Technology of China Higher Education Society

ChenYang Xue is a representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party, a recipient of the National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and the director of the Key Laboratory of Instrument Science and Dynamic Testing of the Ministry of Education. In recent years, he has devoted himself to the research of micro-nano devices and systems and has formed characteristics and advantages in MEMS vector hydrophones, CMUT ultrasonic transducers, turbulence detection methods, and micro-energy sources. He is the chief scientist of the 863 Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and leader of the instrument special project of the National Foundation of China. He has won the second prize of National Technology Invention Award (ranked the 3rd) and the first prize of Provincial Technology Invention Award (ranked the 1st). He has published a monograph, more than 140 SCI papers with more than 300 citations, and authorized more than 50 national invention patents. The high-sensitivity, small-volume, low-cost bionic vector hydrophone he developed is the earliest micro-nano vector underwater acoustic sensor device to achieve engineering application in China, and the research results have been successfully applied in marine and medical fields, expanding the application of micro-nano technology in the field of hydroacoustic sensing. In addition, micro-integrated infrared gas sensors, MEMS step attenuators, micro-nano energy collectors, and wireless passive micro-sensor monitoring systems have also been developed.

       薛晨阳,党的十九大代表,国家杰出青年基金获得者,仪器科学与动态测试教育部重点实验室主任。近年来致力于微纳器件及系统方面的研究,在MEMS矢量水听器、CMUT超声换能器、湍流检测方法、微能源等方面形成了特色与优势。国家科技部863项目首席科学家和国家基金委仪器专项项目负责人。获国家技术发明二等奖1项(排名第3)、省技术发明奖一等奖1项(排名第1)。出版专著1部,发表 SCI论文140多篇,他引300多次,授权国家发明专利50余项。研制的高灵敏、小体积、低成本仿生矢量水听器是我国最早实现工程化应用的微纳矢量水声传感器件,研究成果成功应用于海洋、医疗等领域 ,拓展了微纳技术在水声传感领域的应用。另外还研制出微集成红外气体传感器、MEMS步进衰减器、微纳能源采集器、无线无源微传感监测系统。