2022 4th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Control, Measurement and Signal Processing (IEEE-ICMSP 2022)
Prof./Academician Zidong Wang

Prof./Academician Zidong Wang


Zidong Wang, Professor/Academician

Brunel University, European Academy of Sciences

Dr. Wang is currently a tenured professor at the School of Engineering Design and Physical Sciences, Brunel University, UK. He was awarded the Humboldt grant in Germany in 1996, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science grant in 1998, and the William Monger grant from the University of Hong Kong in 2002. Over the years, he has been engaged in research on control theory (stochastic control, robust control, nonlinear control, model simplification), signal processing, and bioinformatics, and has published more than 400 international papers in SCI journals. He is or has been holding the following positions: the editor-in-chief, associate editor or editorial board member of twelve international journals, including the Editor-in-Chief of Neurocomputing, Executive Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Systems Science, Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Network Transactions, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Humans, and Control, and IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, etc. He is currently an IEEE Fellow, an editorial board member of IEEE Press, a director of the Royal Statistical Society of the United Kingdom, and a former chairman of the Chinese Association of Automation and Computing in the UK.

       王子栋博士现任英国布鲁奈尔大学工程设计与物理科学学院终身教授。他于1996年获得德国洪堡基金,1998年获得日本科学促进会基金,2002年获得香港大学威廉蒙基金。多年来从事控制理论(随机控制,鲁棒控制,非线性控制,模型简化)、信号处理、生物信息学方面的研究,在SCI刊物上发表国际论文400余篇。现任或曾任十二种国际刊物的主编、副编辑或编委,包括Neurocomputing主编;国际系统科学杂志执行主编;IEEE自动控制汇刊副编缉;IEEE控制系统技术汇刊副编缉;IEEE神经网络汇刊副编缉;IEEE系统、人、与控制汇刊副编缉;IEEE信号处理汇刊副编缉等。现为IEEE Fellow,IEEE出版社编委,英国皇家统计学会理事,曾任旅英华人自动化及计算机协会主席。